Dr. Ajay Sharma



Effective time-management is the key to success in every walk of our lives. In personal as well as our professional lives we need this skill to perform and excel.

Distributing the given 24 hrs in a day judiciously among different roles and responsibility effectively so as to maximize the gain from all is known a time management. Many times people struggle with proper time management at work and lag behind in achieving their given targets. With the help of this counselling, you can master the art of time management and be a winner for every task you perform. Prioritization of work, enabling yourself to multitask and doing “smart” work are some of the measures that can help you be the champion and master of your own destiny.

Symptoms indicative of COUNSELLING

  • – Poorly organized daily chores.
  • – Unable to complete assigned tasks within stipulated time frame
  • – Harried by the constant stress of balancing personal and professional life.
  • – Strained relations with family due to stress at work.
  • – Missing good opportunities at work due to lack of confidence to complete tasks on time.
  • – Failing to excel in life due to poor time management.