Dr. Ajay Sharma


Stress can be defined as the action on a perfectly balanced body in order to strain or deform the equilibrium. Thus, on a daily basis, we experience tension at office and home. Hence, feeling stressed at all times is a slow poison. We do not realize how it is affecting our bodies but the effect is pervasive and lifelong. Stress management is imperative to strive for today’s lifestyle.

One needs to be counselled on how to manage their daily tensions so that one does not reach a point of breakdown. One should get enough guidance so as to maintain one’s calm, composure and to deliver one’s best every day.

Some of the symptoms of feeling Stressed are:

  • Unable to handle work pressure.
  • Poor concentration power at work or studies.
  • Suffering from health conditions like blood pressure, thyroid etc.
  • Unable to cope up with ever mounting peer pressure.
  • Feeling constant exertion.
  • Feeling of being trapped in a situation which can imbalance the physiological equilibrium.