Dr. Ajay Sharma



An unstable mind is the fountainhead of an unhealthy body. Mental peace is our fundamental need. Just as the atmosphere is critical to our existence, the stability of mind is indispensable for a happy and healthy living.

The whole process of evolution of a man from a child is challenged at every step with myriads of factors both internal and external which can disturb the harmony of mind and body. If we are not able to cope up with those changes well, we lose the mental peace and balance and it reflects on our health and general well being.

In our testing times, we all need someone to counsel and steer us ahead in life. Only the strong minds can help a weak one. With the expert counseling, you can overcome this crisis and return with a sound mental balance and peace.

Some of the symptoms of Unstable Mind

  • – Unorganised thoughts due to the poor concentration of mind.
  • – Feeling distracted at all times
  • – Not able to focus on one thing at one time.
  • – Sleep disorders
  • – Depression
  • – Anxiety
  • – Strained relationships at work or family.
  • – Loneliness
  • – Deteriorating physical health.