Dr. Ajay Sharma

Career Counseling

Career Issues which lead to unhappiness at the workplace are concerns that affect every working individual. In today’s extremely competitive work environment.

Furthermore, ethical concerns challenge one on a daily basis. This can lead to issues that impact the performance at work. These concerns spill over into the personal life and at times personal issues spin over into professional life.

There are hosts of issues which impact working people, such as office politics, sexual harassment, poor performance, stress, anxiety, panic, fear of going to the office.

A potentially thriving and fulfilling career plays a pivotal role in defining the metrics of happiness for our lives. It is indeed very important to have a clear vision and well-defined goals to reach your dream destination. A fresh start or a decisive changeover should be both mindful and pragmatic in choice.

Every human’s mind and personality is structured to excel in varied fields. With the help of psychoanalysis, it is possible to realize your true potential and take correct decisions for your career paths. Consult here for career assessments and guidance services.

At some point, every working individual feels negative emotions as a result of their job/work. If you or someone you know is underperforming at the workplace, facing other career-related issues consult an experienced psychologist who can help in rapidly resolving the problem.