Dr. Ajay Sharma


Marriage for a couple is an institution designed to help two individuals coexist in love and mutual harmony. Petty arguments, the difference between opinions and mindsets sometimes appear and cannot be ignored. Hence, with time people change. Thus, their preferences and perceptions vary and the same relationship which started on a happy note of lifelong commitment and joyous sharing can turn into a tumultuous one.

Every couple faces challenges in marriage. Hence, marital tensions grow beyond revival and repair if not addressed and talked about at the right time. Hence, silence is not the answer. In conclusion, people need to open up, acknowledge and talk about their problems.

Discussion and expert guidance can help you understand each other to sort out the differences amicably. Thus, one must seek help to bring the sunshine back in marriages going through a rough and patchy weather.

Some of the symptoms when Couples require Counselling

  • – Breakdown of communication
  • – Emotional or Physical infidelity.
  • – Partner lacking empathy and compassion.
  • – Intolerance of behavior
  • – Short temper
  • – Feeling of Loneliness
  • – Emotional or Physical abuse.
  • – Health-related issues.